What is trauma? Are there any misconceptions/myths about trauma that need to be dispelled? How does trauma impact how we relate to God? How can we recognize when our trauma is influencing us more than Scripture is? Our trauma won’t be conquered overnight - how can we manage the complexities of our trauma for the glory of God?

Marcken Volmy, a licensed Mental Health practitioner, stopped by to answer these questions. This episode quickly became a personal therapy session for myself; a phenomenal discussion, through and through. I urge you to listen to this one - SO many gems! So much insight. 


About Marcken Volmy (Copied from his 'About Us' section on his website)

We have all struggled at some point. Feelings of depression and anxiety can leave the best of us feeling overwhelmed and broken. I am here to help the clients I serve no matter what they are going through.

My clients can expect to connect with someone who will meet them right where they’re at as we navigate through life’s unexpected difficulties together.

I am an EMDR trauma therapist and EMDR Certified therapist with over 8 years of experience. As a licensed mental health counselor, I believe speaking to someone who is relatable, honest, caring, and non judgmental is a necessary ingredient to help move past life’s myriad of obstacles.

My scope of practice involves helping people work through their trauma, anxious thoughts, and feelings of depression by incorporating EMDR therapy.

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September 09, 2022 — IV His Glory Clothing


IV His Glory Clothing said:

Hey, Susan!

Thanks for reaching out. Here’s an article on EMDR that provides some more context:


Susan martin said:

What is ENDR and how does it work I have been abused for 66 years and I feel stuck in worship and want to give all of me in worship

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