IV His Glory Clothing a Christian clothing ministry dedicated to empowering Believers through wearable truth. God's first act of grace was clothing Adam and Eve; what we wear should reflect that. Each design has been prayerfully created and Biblically tested. When you shop with us, you can trust that what you wear is truly Christ inspired.


Check out the design the Lord's put on our heart to showcase this week.

From the people
From the people
Got my order in a few days ago! Thank you!!! They're great! I really do love y'all's brand!
— Gabrielle Johnson
From the people
Love you guys the most and your quality and design is incredible. I have so many more of your shirts!
— Trenton Mann
From the people
ivhisglory is a reflection of God's love. It’s a form of art that can be spread through what we wear and, express our gratitude for God. It’s not just a site that sells Christian t-shirts but a company that will edify your love for God with Joy & humbleness!
— Alyssa Yepez
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IVHISGLORY is a ministry first, and my goal - my passion - is to serve you by way of pointing you to the Lord! Use these video and literary resources to strengthen your faith in God daily!

From Trauma to triumph - skyla's testimony

Every Believer should have a set of go-to verses for when they need to be reminded of God's goodness and faithfulness during trials/hardships. Here are my three and why...