See how a simple act of kindness turned into a moment of divine encouragement for her and her family. This is Regan's story...

Regan's Email

My name is Regan, and I just purchased for the first time from you guys and cannot wait to put in another order once some of my favorite shirts get my size back instock again!

I’m a new mom to my twin boys who are the BIGGEST evidence of God’s goodness and faithfulness in mine and my husband’s life. We are in a very busy but fulfilling season, and I stumbled upon y’all’s Facebook and Instagram page and fell in love with your message and purpose. Your t-shirts really have statements that hit me to my core (especially in the season we are in), but as I found myself moved by some of the quotes/verses/messages, I couldn’t stop thinking about my dad.

His testimony is every bit of God’s grace, mercy, and ability to bring beauty from ashes. He’s living proof that it’s never too late to turn your life around, it’s never too late to pursue the desires God’s placed in your heart, you can never outrun God’s love, and so much more. He is going in for some testing here in the next month, and I am believing for the goodness and faithfulness of God to SHOW UP and SHOW OUT in a big way like only He can with HEALTHY news for my Dad — spirit, mind, body, and soul in the mighty name of Jesus.

But the enemy has really tried to scare him, taunt him even, and I see him trying so hard to keep the faith and know God isn’t done with him yet.

When I placed the order, I bought him a bracelet too (“God’s working it for the good”) and in checkout I wrote a message in the details that said, “I know this is a stretch, and idk if anyone even sees this, but this bracelet is for my Dad, and I was wondering if maybe you could write a verse I could share with him? Maybe just on the packaging slip? Thanks so much.” Honestly, I don’t expect a reply.  But what I got instead moved me (but especially my Dad) to tears.

Not only a verse, but a handwritten note, another bracelet (“God’s still working on me” — the other bracelet I was between getting him), a key chain (that he’s already reppin’ proudly), and a sticking (“When it all fell through, God came through”).

It got delivered on Good Friday. My parents stopped by to see the babies after my Dad got off of work (He just started his own business at age 63, and God is really moving and affirming so much in him through this experience). And can I just tell you that what you did (The letter was signed by last name Francis? Lead of Stewardship I believe it read?)….

Picture a grown man, still in his work boots, salt and pepper curly ponytail, big, full beard, burly man — loaded with tattoos even down to his knuckles on his calloused, olive complexion skin — with tears just streaming down his face and his hands shook as he tried to put his bracelets on as fast and proudly as he could.

My mom and I are in tears and reminding him — GOD SEES YOU (something also mentioned in his letter). He’s got you in His grasp, and He’s not letting go.

I just wanted to say THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart… thank you for living your mission. Thank you for taking the time to do what you did. Thank you for caring. I pray God blesses you ten times over for all you guys did for him.

You have forever customers in ALL of us! My whole fam has your website link now. I’ll be buying more and reppin’ proudly.

May God continue to bless you and keep you!

Grace and peace,
Regan Cannata


May 11, 2024 — Sheim Francis

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