Disguised As The Cure

It’s so tempting to turn to our vices in the midst of our trials. They comfort us, though temporary; they rescue us, though fleeting. They feel good, though in the end they lead to death…

Sin has a great marketing campaign - it reminds me of the sweet treats that are located right in the checkout lane in your grocery store; sin is an impulse buy that leaves us with buyer’s remorse 10000% of the time.

Sin presents itself as the cure while its DNA is packed with death. It calls us with the most seductive voice, and we foolishly follow its lead - only to fall into a pit of despair…

In those moments when your sin of choice is appealing to you - when your flesh demands relief from the fiery trial you’re facing - find a way to ground yourself. Whether it’s prayer, deep breathing, exercise, etc. Do whatever it is you can to ignore sin’s call…

The Word is clear - resist the Devil and he WILL flee from you. My prayer is that WE can resist long enough in those moments for sin’s urges to subside and for us to connect to the Lord. Holy Spirit, help us…

Love y’all,
IV His Glory Clothing

December 11, 2023 — Sheim Francis


Bryan said:

“Sin disguised As the Cure”!!! whewwww I needed this devotion!

Brodie Riscili said:

Loved this one today and I usually like all of them but this one hit me deep. And it also filled me up beacuse I’ve stared doing my own ministry on Instagram so that cool. Also can’t wait for the athletic stuff to drop I’ll always support the brand.

Taj said:

Amen! Awesome word His grace and his mercy is enough.

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