According to the Barna Group, roughly 70% of high school students who enter college as professing Christians, will leave with little to no faith. These students usually don't return to faith, even after graduation. For the 30% that remain faithful, much temptation tries to convince them to join their peers. What keeps them faithful through it all?

To answer that question, I sat down with my former student, Matthews, and discussed his faith journey post High School. It was such a joy to hear the strength of his conviction in the Lord! You'll be blessed by it as well!  


Podcast Biblical Integrity Note: I made a comment in the middle of the episode referring to the woman at the well. I said, "Jesus could've stoned her, but he didn't". This was in error. The 'Woman At The Well' story did not involve a possible stoning - it involved Jesus associating with a Samaritan, contrary to the cultural Jewish norm of distancing themselves from this group of people...

September 23, 2022 — Sheim Francis

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