One of the greatest challenges I had in my personal walk with the Lord was figuring out what having my identity in Christ meant. It was a ’Christianese’ phrase I heard time and time again; I accepted and embrace it without fully understanding what it meant.

My guest for this episode, Proverb ’Prov’ Newsome, unpacked the topic of our identity in Christ - what it means for us now, how we can operate in it, and what’s at the root of our identity in Christ crisis. Press play!

About Proverb Newsome: When defined the word proverb means a wise saying. Well, when applied to one of Bomb Beach’s most profound wordsmiths, the word takes on no less than the personification of its definition. Proverb Newsome has been dropping gems in ears since the early 90s. He first hit the national scene with his group 1Way with the project Destination Unknown. Proverb’s solo project debut was A Common Man’s Opus. This collection of songs that spoke directly from the heart of the artist. What he believes, why he believes it. Proverb Newsome’s sophomore solo effort The Gaze LP features a more mature experienced emcee as well as more features than the Opus project. Proverb has released a number of singles and is currently working on his next album to be release 11/30/22. Stay tuned!



September 02, 2022 — IV His Glory Clothing

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