Pain Exposes Our Allegiance To God

We see it in Crime/Mafia movies all the time - to get the enemy to flip, torture is always the effective method of choice. When it happens, we anticipate the character's response to the pain based on how the movie's portrayed them. Will they fold or nah? Will they remain loyal to their side or will the pain get the best of them?

It kinda reminds me of Job. His allegiance to God was tested through pain, and, though he was close to doing so, my man never flipped on God nor cursed His name. He was super discouraged and questioned why, but He never questioned the essence of the character of God...

Are we that solid like Job? Or do we meet pain with immediate anger and frustration, questioning and cursing God for putting us through it? Is pain the red flag or deal breaker in our relationship with the Lord? Are we intolerant of the very thing that allows us to identify with Christ? These are questions that are answered during every trial and hardship that we face; we answer them through our attitude toward the Lord...

My recent trial has exposed the truth of my allegiance to God. I like some of what I see, and I DESPISE a good amount, too! All in all, I'm realizing the strength of my allegiance to Him is directly proportional to my willingness to receive His goodness and faithfulness toward me. I can't fully explain it, but I have a peace about it.

And, right now, that's sufficient for me...

Love y'all,

November 20, 2023 — Sheim Francis

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