Character Before Charisma

My personality has taken me places my character should've have NEVER gone; I don't say that as a good thing. I know how to work a room, I know how to play the part, and that's served me well in certain areas of my life. My flesh once convinced me to use that same approach when it came to my spiritual maturity; BAD MOVE! I put so much stock in my ability to make people laugh and be relatable and personable, that I neglected to develop Christlike character within my walk...

This approach led to a double life - Holy Roller in front of the family of Christ, but something TOTALLY different around those whose opinion of my Christian walk meant nothing to me. I was an Academy Award Sinner. I look back on that version of myself and conclude two things:

(1) God's grace was waaaayyyyy more active than I gave Him credit for; He used me DESPITE me, and I'm grateful for that!

(2) Playing the good Christian is EXHAUSTING! I'd rather be open about being a level 2 Christian than front like I'm a level 10 Believer...

I'm learning now to remove the shackles of performance from my mind. I'm justified by faith, made righteous by faith, and I am saved by grace. I press on to pursue Christ, but know that pursuit within itself doesn't save; Jesus does!
I speak slower, listen faster, and cap way less! I'm a sinner saved by grace, and a willing vessel for God's glory. Nothing more, nothing less...

Love y'all

November 13, 2023 — Sheim Francis


Jordan said:

Not an “Academy Award Sinnner”!! Jesus, be a fence 🙌🏾 lol. But sincerely, the need to perform in order to be accepted, feel important, or even to feel loved is too real. May the Lord deliver us from this mindset. Thank you for the devotional, Sheim!

Brandon Robinson said:

Hopefully someone can get something out of this Jesus is the ONLY way

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